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Our Criminal Record Research is a complete criminal check which includes arrest records, court records,police files, felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses, convictions, incarcerations, criminal driving violations and other court documents.

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South Carolina Criminal Records by County

  1. Abbeville County
  2. Aiken County
  3. Allendale County
  4. Anderson County
  5. Bamberg County
  6. Barnwell County
  7. Beaufort County
  8. Berkeley County
  9. Calhoun County
  10. Charleston County
  11. Cherokee County
  12. Chester County
  13. Chesterfield County
  14. Clarendon County
  15. Colleton County
  16. Darlington County
  17. Dillon County
  18. Dorchester County
  19. Edgefield County
  20. Fairfield County
  21. Florence County
  22. Georgetown County
  23. Greenville County
  24. Greenwood County
  25. Hampton County
  26. Horry County
  27. Jasper County
  28. Kershaw County
  29. Lancaster County
  30. Laurens County
  31. Lee County
  32. Lexington County
  33. Marion County
  34. Marlboro County
  35. McCormick County
  36. Newberry County
  37. Oconee County
  38. Orangeburg County
  39. Pickens County
  40. Richland County
  41. Saluda County
  42. Spartanburg County
  43. Sumter County
  44. Union County
  45. Williamsburg County
  46. York County

Accessing Criminal Records in South Carolina

The Central Records Repository helps state and federal law enforcement with criminal records.

Criminal Records Maintenance

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) operates the Crime Information Center, which is comprised of the Uniform Crime Reports Section, the Central Records Repository and the CJIS Training Unit.

Accessing South Carolina Criminal Records

SLED allows mailed requests, but due to budget constraints, only accepts mailed requests that need certification or notarization, which can’t be done online. Mailed requests must include a completed criminal records check form. Otherwise, SLED CATCH is the online South Carolina criminal records check system that allows individuals and employers to perform name-based searches at will. The fee for both mailed and online requests is $25 per name. In order to return a match, SLED requires the subject’s date of birth, last name and first initial to be an exact match.

South Carolina criminal records are available to the general public and are limited to those criminal records considered public record, meaning all arrest and conviction information. Law enforcement may access complete criminal records, including dismissed charges and acquittals.

Lookup Incarceration & Inmate Records In South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) operates 28 correctional institutions throughout the state. SCDC also provides self-improvement programs for inmates to help motivate them to remain crime-free once released.

Inmate Records

South Carolina inmate lookup is done by phone or online through Statewide Automated Victim Notification System (SAVIN). This system is easily accessed by the public, both by phone and online, but victims may choose to register and receive updated information whenever an offender’s status changes. Any transfers, releases, hearings or escapes will be communicated to registered victims.

Accessing South Carolina Inmate Records

The South Carolina Department of Corrections provides limited public access to inmate records and its system of dissemination is mostly geared toward victims of crimes. South Carolina inmate lookup will return limited records, including name of offender, location of incarceration and projected release date.

Running a Background Check

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) operates the state’s repository for criminal records through the Crime Information Center, which assists law enforcement and government agencies with crime analysis and criminal records requests.

South Carolina criminal background checks are available to the public on request, and personal criminal records or third party criminal records can be obtained. Criminal records results can include arrest and conviction information for South Carolina only. Juvenile records are not included in results. Criminal records are obtained through name-based searches.

Individuals are encouraged to take advantage of SLED, which is an online criminal records database, that the public may access for a fee to retrieve criminal records on anyone. Mailed requests are only accepted under extenuating circumstances, such as needing a certified criminal history report. Name and date of birth are required for searches.

Other Criminal Record Resources in South Carolina

South Carolina Sexual Offender Registry: Information on all registered adult sex offenders is provided on the site.

South Carolina Highway Patrol: Highway patrol agency for South Carolina, which has jurisdiction anywhere in the state except for federal or military installations

South Carolina Criminal Records Request: Record check request form from South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

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Directory of Links and Resources to Access County, State or Federal Court Records Online

South Carolina Civil and Divorce Court Records
Judgments, lawsuits, dissolution of marriage, civil court cases.

South Carolina Criminal Court Records
Felony, misdemeanors and traffic violations.

South Carolina District Court Records
Filings in my District courthouses.

Civil, divorces, court cases and judgments, personal injury cases, bankruptcies, lawsuits, estate planning and probate matters.

Most criminal cases are started when a prosecutor, either a district attorney (who represents a county) or the attorney general (who represents the state), files a complaint with the court.

The Circuit Court is the state's court of general jurisdiction. Civil court, the Court of Common Pleas, and Criminal Court.


Criminal records have been instrumental in providing fair and accurate information to service providers such as leading employers and financial institutions on criminal profiles. A criminal record can provide comprehensive information on criminal’s profile, crime details and other crucial pertaining to crime. Serious case convicts can reach out to employers for job opportunities. Prospects with such detrimental profiles can prove fatal for businesses. Law enforcement agencies in South Carolina often issue guidelines and advisories to service providers on best practices to deal with such profiles. Generally, criminals with such profiles are looked down upon and not given opportunities in mainstream.

Online sources can also be explored while trying to gain from information on criminal records. However, in all such cases, authenticity of information can be questioned to a greater deal. As such websites might not offer accurate or up to date information t the reviewer’s. It is highly advisable to get in touch with state authorities and law enforcement agencies while trying to gain from such information on the go. Third party criminal back ground check agencies and dedicated service providers can also be contacted for, while trying to gain from criminal record information in a seamless manner.

End to end information on a criminal’s past can be ascertained from a criminal record. Criminal back ground checks are becoming the order of the day. Almost all major employers and service provider’s ensure in gaining from criminal back ground checks. With the rising national threat, profiles can easily be forged by prospects. In order to ascertain their actual talent and experience, criminal checks can provide an extra layer of added advantage for the employer’s. They can ensure that they employ only the safest and best in class talent to work with. Criminal back ground check solutions are the need of the hour.

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